Apple Wallet® Integration Platform

Connect your systems and applications with PassWick to create, deliver, and administer wallet passes using Apple Wallet®;



PassWick gives your organization the ability to integrate your existing business application data with Apple Wallet®. Apple Wallet passes can be generated and managed using the PassWick APIs to realize electronic placards, identification, membership, insurance, vaccination records, punch cards, pass cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, event tickets, coupons and more for your systems.

Apple Wallet® Integration

PassWick uses the Apple Wallet app so your customers with iOS devices already have everything they need. No external or third party apps are required.

Design passes and integrate with your business application data. PassWick has powerful integration APIs and expression builders that can pull data from your application endpoints, make realtime decisions about how wallet passes will look and behave, and fully customize wallet passes.

NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon Capable

PassWick supports Apple Wallet NFC capabilities and VAS devices. LE Beacons are also supported. These features provide a robust user experience using proximity and location.

Dynamic Pass Updates

Need to relocate an event? Change a coupon's effective date? Update a customer's loyalty card rewards balance? Change the balance on a gift card? Increment a punch card? Or add a new offer to the back of a membership card? PassWick will automatically push pass changes to your customers iOS devices.

Interactive Dashboard

Monitor your monthly pass deliveries. Track your customer utilization over time. Learn the ratio of your customers to the actual passes on their devices. With the PassWick dashboard, your organization's statistics are first and foremost.

Automated Pass Designer

Use the Automated Pass Designer to build passes for your organization. You choose the pass style: Boarding Pass, Coupon, Store Card, Event Ticket, or a Generic pass. Then, add your organization's colors, icons, logos, phrases, and terms or conditions.

PassWick provides the ability to change the behavior of wallet passes based on information contained in the pass. Using a powerful expression language and designer, you can add dynamic and custom front-of-pass images based on wallet pass data.

Complete Customer Management

Your organization's customer data is key. By including this data on your organization's Apple Wallet passes you create a personal relationship with your customer. Create identification cards, coupons, membership cards, event tickets, and loyalty cards that dynamically display your organization's data on your customer's passes. PassWick allows you to integrate your customer data using the customer management module and API.

Simple Pass Delivery

You've designed your pass using the Automated Pass Designer, now what? Now is where PassWick shines.

Your pass may just be a simple coupon - make it public and let your customers get it from your web site! Your passes may have customer data fields like membership number, name, reward points, or even their picture.

Use the PassWick Customer Management module to upload, download, or integrate your customer data and PassWick will do the rest by creating custom passes using your customer's data.

Redeemable Fields

Consider a favorite coffee shop. Likely they have a loyalty "punch" card where you get a free cup of coffee after 20 punches. With PassWick, that "punch" is a redeemable field. A gift card current balance is also a redeemable field. PassWick makes it easy for your organization to create redeemable fields on your template passes. And the PassWick redemption web page and API services make it even easier to redeem passes. Plus, your customer is automatically notified when their pass is updated.

Use the PassWick companion app to quickly redeem pass fields at transaction time.

Cloud and Enterprise Deployment

PassWick is always on. As a cloud-based service you can rest assured knowing that your customer and employee Apple Wallet passes are always available, consistently updated, and that their data is secured.

PassWick can also be deployed to your data center. All components including the customer and employee information is housed in your data center. See the Pricing section for Enterprise deployments.

PassWick is a secure service. All sensitive data like customer information, pass details, and user credentials are secured while in transit via SSL. Authorization tokens, secure communication, and authentication measures are utilized for all API requests.

Support for Android Devices Using PassWallet

PassWick supports Apple Wallet on Android devices using the PassWallet app. Push notifications, simplified delivery, scanning capabilities, and the PassWick API are all supported on Android just like on an iPhone!

API Access

With a PassWick account you have complete access to the PassWick APIs for customer management, pass delivery, linking to passes from your web site, pass redemption, and template pass maintenance.

QR Code Generator

You can use PassWick to generate a QR Code that, when scanned, will automatically open up your organization's passes. This is perfect for delivering passes to your customers and employees via advertisements, flyers, bumper stickers, marketing material, internal documentation, and mailing labels.


Passes Monthly Cost Yearly Subscription
5,000 $189 $2,160
10,00 $289.00 $3,303.00
20,00 $489.00 $5,589.00
30,00 $589.00 $6,606.00
40,00 $789.00 $8,849.00
50,00 $989.00 $11,092.00
75,00 $1,389.00 $15,153.00
100,00 $1,789.00 $19,516.00
150,00 $2,589.00 $28,244.00
200,00 $3,389.00 $36,971.00
250,00 $4,189.00 $45,698.00
> 250,000 Contact Us Contact Us

Example Pricing

Passes 2,300 9,999 18,500 52,000 150,000
Monthly Cost $189 $189 $289 $989 $2,589
Yearly Subscription $2,160 $2,160 $3,303 $11,092 $28,244

Your organization will be billed according to the total number Passes under your control including Passes created previously. A Pass is counted when it has been created on behalf of your customer regardless of whether the customer has installed the Pass on their device.

Contact Us for sign up, invoicing options, or Enterprise deployment information.

Frequently Asked Questions

We'd love to show you how PassWick can work for you. Contact us for a live demo.
Copper Creek Software provides support via the address. Enterprise deployments will have a support agreement.

New iOS and macOS devices include a pre-installed Apple app called Apple Wallet. Apple Wallet on iOS and macOS allows users to store and access electronic versions of traditional plastic or paper cards like boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards, and more. These are called "passes." Many passes can be stored in the Apple Wallet app.

The pass contains an area for a barcode. This barcode can be read, or scanned, by organizations the same way they might use barcodes on, for example, existing loyalty, gift, or membership cards.

To get a pass into the Apple Wallet app requires that either an organization send it to iOS or macOS users or they have installed an app on their iOS device that integrates with Apple Wallet.

PassWick was created to help your organization deliver your existing paper or plastic cards (passes) to your customer's Apple Wallet app on their iOS devices.

You may have already seen the "Add to Apple Wallet" icon or the Apple Wallet app on your iOS and macOS devices.

Passes are a digital representation of traditional plastic or paper cards. Information that might otherwise be printed on small pieces of paper or plastic cards can now be stored in Apple Wallet. A Apple Wallet pass can contain images, styling cues, detailed information and a barcode. Many passes can be stored in the Apple Wallet app.

The barcode on a Apple Wallet pass can be read, or scanned, by organizations the same way they might use barcodes on, for example, existing loyalty, gift, or membership cards. A barcode is typically some customer identifier like their membership number or customer number in an organization.

Once a pass is stored in a customer's Apple Wallet on their iOS devices, they simply present it to the organization just like they would a traditional plastic or paper card.

A pass can also be updated automatically in Apple Wallet using push notifications. Thus, a Apple Wallet user presents, views, and manages their passes using the Apple Wallet app.

This is an example of a coffee loyalty card. The pass has the organization's logo, colors, and customer information. The barcode contains information about the customer important to the organization. The back of the pass may contain additional fields like customer address, terms and conditions, offers and specials, and many other types of data.

The PassWick Automated Pass Designer allows your organization to design and customize passes for your needs

PassWick gives your organization many options for delivering passes to your customers:

  • Send a pass via e-mail
  • Create a QR code to include in advertisements and marketing material
  • Embed a link into your organization's web site using the PassWick URL API
  • Mark your template pass as a "Free Pass" and it will display on the PassWick Free Pass web page
  • Use the PassWick customer management web page to add, update, and deliver passes to your customers
  • Connect your organization to the PassWick web service APIs.

So, organizations that are technically savvy enough can create custom Apple Wallet passes and deliver them to their customer's Apple Wallets on iOS. At PassWick we understand that an organization's time is limited and their technical resources are constrained. This is especially true for small businesses. And that is why we are building the PassWick application: to make it easy for small to medium sized businesses to create and deliver Apple Wallet passes to their customers.

An organization could be a business, an agency, or a group like:

  • Retail businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance agencies
  • Schools
  • Concert promoters
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Transit companies
  • Point of Sale providers
  • Gyms and health clubs

A customer or employee is a real live human being who uses the services provided by an organization.

We recognize that there are is growing number of Apple Wallet-based services to build and manage passes for Apple Wallet. PassWick differs from these other services because we focus on making it easy for your organization to deliver Apple Wallet passes to your customers. Just like the other Apple Wallet services, PassWick uses "template" passes, provides an automated pass designer, and exposes APIs. But where PassWick out shines the other services is we let you design your passes using your customer data fields. So, for example, rather than making you send a request to the PassWick API that looks like this:

  "storeCard": {
    "auxiliaryFields": [
        "key": "NEW_xA_auxAkey",
        "label": "NEW_xA_auxAlabel",
        "value": "John Wick"
        "key": "xB_auxBkey",
        "label": "xB_auxBlabel",
        "value": "Bobby, Timmy, Tommy"
    "primaryFields": [
        "key": "primaryAkey",
        "value": "330123"
    "secondaryFields": [
        "key": "2A_secondaryAkey",
        "label": "2A_secondaryAlabel",
        "value": "2012"
        "key": "2B_secondaryBkey",
        "label": "NEW_2B_secondaryBlabel",
        "value": "Premium"

With PassWick you can send a much, much simpler request that uses the customer data elements that you use in your organization:

{ "customerList":[
        "email": "",
        "customerDataFields": [{
            "fieldName": "Member Name",
            "fieldValue": "John Wick"
        }, {
            "fieldName": "Children",
            "fieldValue": "Bobby, Timmy, Tommy"
        }, {
            "fieldName": "Member Number",
            "fieldValue": "330123"
        }, {
            "fieldName": "Member Since",
            "fieldValue": "2012"
        }, {
            "fieldName": "Level",
            "fieldValue": "Premium"

Then PassWick does the rest by mapping your customer data elements, named by you, created by you, and populated by you to your passes. And PassWick is even kind enough to deliver the pass to your customer at their e-mail address!

The pass style determines the overall visual appearance of the pass where information is placed on a pass. The most distinctive visual indication of the style is at the top edge of the pass: event tickets have a small cutout, coupons have a perforated edge, and so on. The information shown on the pass is broken up into fields. Each field is defined by a label and a value. A label might be 'Member Name' and its value might be 'John Doe'. The pass fields are grouped into sections on the pass like header fields, primary fields, secondary fields, auxiliary fields, and back-of-pass fields. The primary fields contain the most important information and are shown prominently on the pass. Secondary fields are less important and less prominent, and auxiliary fields even less. Header fields contain highly salient information, and they are the only field that is visible when the passes are stacked up in Apple Wallet.

Boarding passes are appropriate for passes used with transit systems such as train tickets, airline boarding passes, and other types of transit. Typically each pass corresponds to a single trip with a specific starting and ending point.

Coupons are appropriate for coupons, special offers, and other discounts.

Event tickets are appropriate for passes used to gain entry to an event like a concert, a movie, a play, or a sporting event. Typically each pass corresponds to a specific event, but you can also use a single pass for several events as in a season ticket.

Store cards are appropriate for store loyalty cards, discount cards, points cards, and gift cards. Typically a store identifies an account the customer has with your organization that can be used to make payments or receive discounts. When the account carries a balance, the current balance should appear on the pass as a PassWick redeemable field.

Generic passes are appropriate for any pass that doesn’t fit into one of the other more specific styles—for example, gym membership cards, coat check claim tickets, and metro passes that carry a balance.

The plans allows you to have a maximum number of passes under your organization's control. For example, up to 1,000 iPhone or Android devices can have your pass in their wallet.

By default, PassWick uses a shared certificate for all organization passes. This makes it easier for an organization to start delivering Apple Wallet passes right away.

Yes, you can upload your Apple Developer certificate to PassWick. Then when PassWick creates a pass it uses your certificate to sign the pass.

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